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Independent Study Programs- FLEX 6-12 grades

Stay. Flex. Focus.

Available at Ventura, Buena and Foothill Technology High Schools and all Middle Schools

Program Description: 

  1. STAY - continue to be enrolled in the course(s) that you’re having success in
  2. FLEX - switch to online Independent Study for your other courses
  3. FOCUS - Take one to two online course at a time

Important Components of the Program

  1. Online courses are through Edgenuity 
  2. Credit recovery is an option 
  3. Work directly with one teacher for all Independent Study courses


Question: “Will a student going on this program remain enrolled at their current site regardless of whether or not they remain in any on-campus brick-and-mortar classes?”
Answer: Yes!

Question: “Can a student in this program play sports?” 
Answer:  Yes! So long as the student has a minimum GPA of 2.0 from the last quarter, they are CIF eligible. 

Question: “Can students who have already left VUSD return for this program?”
Answer: Yes! 

Question: “Will those students who have already left VUSD and want to return to this program need to go through a lengthy placement process? 
Answer: No - simply bring in a current transcript from your current school. 

How to Enroll in this Program

  1. Schedule an in-person meeting with your counselor and your parent/guardian ASAP
  1. Complete and sign a VUSD Independent Study Master Agreement with your counselor
  1. Meet with your assigned Independent Study Mentor Teacher and complete a Communication Contract
  1. Start working on your independent study course(s) from home
  1. If you are remain enrolled in any on-campus course(s), continue to attend.

If you are currently not enrolled in VUSD and want to enroll in FLEX, contact your boundary High School first and speak with a counselor there.