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Attendance Policies


(805) 289-7900  Option 2 or ext. 1006

Absences must be reported and cleared. Any uncleared absences will be considered truant after 3 days. 

When truant, students may not be allowed to make up any missed class work, tests, or assignments.

VUSD Attendance Policy

Good attendance is essential for school success.  Parents can help by promoting punctuality and regular attendance.  Medical appointments should be scheduled outside of school hours or on non-school days. The parent must call the school as soon as possible if a student is absent from school.  If the school does not receive a call or note from the parent, the school will notify the parent that the student is not in school.  High schools have an automated phone notification system.

EXCUSED absences include:

  •     Illness or quarantine
  •     Funeral attendance for an immediate family member
  •     Court subpoena of the student
  •     Medical appointment of the student
  •     Religious holiday
  •     Illness of the child of a teen parent 

During excused absences, students will be allowed to complete assignments and tests that can be sensibly provided and completed in a reasonable period of time with full credit.

UNEXCUSED absences include:

  •           Family vacation on days when school is in session
  •           Late more than 30 minutes.  Three late arrivals are considered truant.
  •           Personal reasons such as moving, car breakdown, family illness, etc. A principal may excuse an absence under some circumstances.
  •           Truancy - ditching or cutting class.
  •           Tardy
  •           Uncleared absence with no contact from the home
  •           Family vacations need to be scheduled for non-school days.  These absences are unexcused if they occur when school is in session.

After 10 days of consecutive uncleared absences, a student may be dropped from the school in which he/she is enrolled and could be at risk of losing his/her classroom assignment or place at the school.